Comic Con 2009 Photos!

2009-08-09 01:24:42 by Doodler


There're even some of you in here (such as Mr. BlueHippo, Tom, and Dan).

Like anything you see?

Comic Con 2009 Photos!

The Fable comes to Newgrounds!

2007-11-12 01:56:27 by Doodler

The tale of an experiment gone awry, a bounty hunter, and the passion that binds them together.

Puppets to Fate - New Movie!

2007-09-11 13:27:19 by Doodler


I'm somewhat proud and somewhat ashamed to announce the release of my latest movie, Puppets to Fate. This was a collaboration between myself and the great Captin of Cats, starring the almighty Fonz. This is a turn from the animation and web design that I usually do, but video's a lot of fun! A lot of fun... and a lot more work than you may think.

Check it out! Big file size, so grab a cold one while you wait. Or follow the link to the streaming version!

Oh, and let me know what you think!

Puppets to Fate is a mix of video and some simple animation, tied closely to music and a DRAMATIC, HEART WRENCHING STORYLINE. WITH CRAYONS. And vomit. But not just that -- Puppets also gives us guidance about friendship and the danger of trying to be our own GODS. Kinda.

But! It was a great process, and I'm glad I was able to show this to you guys (even if it isn't the most popular release). Special thanks to Mike ( for inspiring me to make the final edits and submit this, and stay tuned for a lot of new stuff in the future :)

Comic Con & NG, Good times.

2007-07-31 14:35:55 by Doodler

Got back from comic con this week. It was my first time visiting and I have to say that you DEFINITELY need more than a day to absorb even a fraction of the stuff there. It's an awesome experience... and you'd be surprised at the number of cute geek-girls you run into :)

Getting to hang out with Tom and the NG crew was a weird experience. I've been coming to NG for 8 years now (or more?) and I've followed Tom, Stamper, Jose, Luis, Michael, Dan Malo, since the beginning. The newer big-timers like Super Flash Bros, Tim, Bob, The Swain, were also there. Meeting these people in person was just a penis to the brain. Apparently all of you people are real :) Even the younger guys that came by the booth... star syndicate members, random fans, all kinds. Mike and I have been good friends since 1999 when he got me into actionscripting and this was the first time we've even seen one another. Crazy stuff.

It just goes to show how big this site is and how much of an impact it's had on so many people. I wonder if Tom realizes that he's shaping the lives of thousands. I hope he doesn't think about it, haha. If it wasn't for NG I wouldn't be in the career I have today, which... shockingly, is Flash 50 hours a week.

See you guys next year, dammit.


2007-07-17 16:10:38 by Doodler

The day has finally come.

And with the coming of the day follows the awakening of life. The life of the land and the life of man.

The earth warms and our burning sun takes flight to the unreachable heavens. We sometimes have lunch at noon. Or sometimes a bit later.

Ham Sandwiches.